About Us

The Digital Bureau is a Winnipeg based web design company focused on delivering outstanding digital solutions with measurable business results. Our ethos is that we practice what we preach. From the team that created the hugely successful Winnipeg Free Press portfolio of digital products, we utilize all of the experience and skills gained from creating the best news coverage website in Manitoba, the largest independent obituary site in Canada and Manitoba's busiest independent real estate site to ensure our clients' digital footprint stands out against the competition.

At the Digital Bureau every project starts with a thorough business case analysis. We listen to your business objectives and then work with you to outline a scalable, affordable and reliable solution. The Digital Bureau is more than website design and development. We are an end-to-end digital partner for our clients. We're passionate about using our expertise to help our clients save money and improve efficiency and increase the success of their brand. We offer advice regarding the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices and how you can increase your share of voice in this expanding marketplace.

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